At Beemoov, we are pleased to see so much enthusiasm around our productions from our players, such as the production of YouTube videos, Let's Play, reviews, etc. as these videos are a creative contribution to the community.

For a positive sharing experience, here are some rules to follow:

  • - Respect the authors' intellectual property rights. This policy applies only to Beemoov content. 

  • - Only non-commercial use permitted. You can monetize your content (via the YouTube partner program and other similar programs) but without charging users to watch your content. You may not sell or license your content. 

  • - Do not promote violent, racist, abusive, defamatory, homophobic content, etc. in connection with our games. 

  • - Do not associate our games with hostile or controversial topics. 

  • - Do not take elements of our games (objects, music, illustrations, etc.) and distribute them separately. 


Beemoov does not authorize:


  • - The reproduction of a large part, or the entirety, of our games or chapters. This type of practice can encourage the community to only watch our content on your site rather than actually playing. 

  • - The distribution, edited or not, of all or part of one of our games, revealing the major plot or an important event. 

  • - Dissemination of any content before the official release of one of our games, chapters, etc. 

  • - Beemoov does not allow cheating, or content that shows or explains how to cheat. 





Beemoov reserves the right to delete content that does not respect these policies. We reserve the right to delete, in whole or in part, any content concerning our games.


Beemoov is not able to respond to individual requests for authorizations or copyrights via support, or via any other channel.


Beemoov reserves the right to modify its policy related to external content at any time and for any reason.