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    • My Candy Love : NewGen

    • Dive into the colorful streets of Amoris, work in the funnest office in the city, and most of all… get to know your irresistible coworkers. And who knows what the future has in store for you? Friendship, or perhaps more?

    • My Candy Love

      5 771 Players online, 72 737 145 Registered Players
    • My Candy Love, Beemoov’s first virtual dating game. Create your own story and live a unique and passionate romance! Between love, friendship and work, your life promises to be full of surprises! My Candy Love is three generations in one otome game! Choose where to start your adventure, and discover love!

    • Eldarya

      458 Players online, 2 954 645 Registered Players
    • Eldarya’s equilibrium is in danger: you must protect the city no matter what. Your arrival to Eldarya must be linked to all this, but how? Seven years after the White Sacrifice, what you knew has changed, for the better... and the worst. The world you know is in danger, but your awakening is a synonym of hope.

    • Moonlight Lovers

      210 Players online, 5 612 900 Registered Players
    • I inherited this immense manor from my parents. I had no knowledge of its existence. Barely having set foot in this place, I already felt watched and observed…

    • Henri's Secret

      209 Players online, 4 908 251 Registered Players
    • Live the adventure of Lyla, a popular high school student who’s far from imagining what lies ahead when she falls in love with a shy and mysterious boy. Through her story, discover an exciting romance where friendship, humor, passion and… superstars come together!

    • Uncoven: The Seventh Day

      950 206 Players online, 221 855 Registered Players
    • Your adventure begins at the doorstep of a house, lost in the middle of the woods, and that is filled with mystery. You join your friends for seven days of vacation and relaxation, but things don't go as planned... Strange phenomena will question your reality and transform you, for better... or worse.